Setting up your Raspberry Pi EVK

This applies to the XC111+XR111 or XC112+XR112 kits (mounted on a Raspberry Pi).


At large, these are the steps you’ll need to take:

  • Assemble your evaluation kit
  • Set up your Raspberry Pi
  • Load the Acconeer Raspberry Pi SDK onto your Raspberry Pi
  • Run the exploration server application on your Raspberry Pi

For a single sensor setup, we recommend plugging the sensor into port 1 for simplicity’s sake.


In a terminal, run:

sudo raspi-config

Then, under Interfacing Options, enable SPI and I2C.

SDK v2.8.0 or newer requires libgpio2. To install:

sudo apt update
sudo apt install libgpiod2

If you use the XC112 board with kernel v5.4 or newer, then the following line must be added to /boot/config.txt:


This can be done by e.g.:

sudo sh -c 'echo "dtoverlay=spi0-1cs,cs0_pin=8" >> /boot/config.txt'

Reboot to the let the changes take effect.

Running the exploration server application

Start the exploration server application on your Raspberry Pi located under out in the SDK archive:

$ cd path/to/the/sdk
$ ./out/acc_exploration_server_a111

Find the IP address of your Raspberry Pi by running ip a in its terminal.