Setting up your XM122

For detailed instructions, visit our developer page.

Finding the serial port

On Windows, use device manager to find the port which will be listed as USB Serial Port. It’s most likely COMx where x is 3 or higher. On Linux, it’s likely /dev/ttyUSBx where x is 0 or some other integer.

PySerial has a simple tool for listing all ports available:

python -m


Download the module software from our developer page. In the archive, acconeer_xm122_module_software_v*.zip, you’ll find, which is the package to flash.

We recommend flashing using the Python library nrfutil. Install it with:

python -m pip install nrfutil

Enter the XM122 bootloader by doing the following:

  • Hold down the DFU button
  • Push the RESET button
  • Release the RESET button
  • Let go of the DFU button

Now you should be able to flash:

nrfutil dfu serial -pkg -p /dev/ttyUSB0

After flashing, press the RESET button to reboot into the flashed software.